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How to Annihilate the World Powers

Taking Over The World
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This is an RP in which we take over the world. You can bring along whatever armies you want to, just make sure it's within the rules.
If you want in, by all means, come on in.


1.) at the start you are pretty much your normal self, with the exception that you are a general of one or more big-ass armies. If you have more than one, make each one smaller. Gods, god-like beings, or high-powered superweapons are right out - we're trying to conquer the world, not blow the whole thing up. So no Death Stars.

2.) Try to keep friction between the troops to a minimum, for obvious reasons. We've already had some difficulties, so try not to get greedy...we'll split the whole thing up equal, when all is said and done.

3.) As far as dialogue is concerned, since we may well be doing long dialogues, the way we'll handle that is we just role-play it out in Yahoo messenger or something, and then the person that hasn't posted in the longest time posts it.

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