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How to Annihilate the World Powers

Friday, June 10, 2005


Alpha team was out scouting. The flood kept attacking over and over. It was getting a little old. Salvation came when One Eye saw a group of odd looking people surrounded by, what else, flood. The Team changed course and headed over. When they arrived, Lip Lip spoke while the other two fought off the flood.

L: Hey. You're Keain's men aren't you?

M: Maybe...

L: me and my Team are under Gen. Kavik's direct orders. What are you doing?

F: Killing stuff.

Spitz, useing his new toy, smacked an attack form into the air. He jumped up and spun, spining the blades at the end of his poles. When they landed, the flood was ribbons.

O: Well that's obviouse.

He fires the grizzly. The bronze x round rockets through the mass of green monsters, leaving a trail of shattered bodies. Lip Lip winced at the sound. Good thing he could turn off his advanced hearing, unlike White Fang.

L: When did you get here?

M: about two hours ago.

L: It's obviouse your doing more than exterminating a few hundred flood. What're you up to?

J: Flood?

L: Yeah. That's what the green things are called. What did you call them?

M: Things.

J: Finally we know what to call them.

There was much rejoicing.

L: I still like toi know what you're doing here.

Spitz stops his killing for a moment and comes up.

S: You wouldn't mind donating your bodies to science would you?"

Lip Lip smacks him andhe goes back to killing.

F: We are here because we are not there. PULL!

Mirell shoots an infection form with a rocket launcher.

R: We're testing a new way to kill these flood creatures.

L: I see. Can we be of assistance?

J: You can help us load this equipment onto those trasporters. We're just about done.

Rena spears a combat form and, with a small gust of wind, flings it off into the distance. Far blows it up.

L: Sure. Not our specialty but we'd love to help. Spitz, keep them back. One Eye help me load.

Spitz holds them off very well. one Eye grumbles with envy for Spitz. Loading sucks.

L: by the way. Where is Keain?

R: On his way to pick up a few things.

L: I don't suppose you will tell where that is?

R: No.

L: Right. okay. Looks like we're done here.

M:Thanks for all the help. next time come to our place and have pie.

As they leave, One Eye whispers something to Lip Lip.

O: i could go for some pie.

lip Lip nods. Time to pull in a favor with the general. They could all go for some pie.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Revenant was a bit more at home here - he spoke much better German than he did Russian. He did so now.
"Okay, cut the spit-and-polish. I don't care for it, I never cared for it, so just cut it out. Now. Your goal is that town over there." He pointed to the small town. "I think you know pretty much what I have in mind. The U-boats can provide cover. Just be aware that they'll have to pull out if the British Navy shows up. The rest of the New Wehrmacht is en route. You are the point guard. Now, get to it!"

"Jawohl, Mein Fuhrer!"

Revenant stopped them. "Okay, cut that shit. No salutes, no 'Mein Fuhrer's, none of it. This isn't the 1944, Hitler regime. It is the 21st Century. And if I hear so much as a rumor of anything remotely resembling a concentration camp, I'll show you that there IS something worse than a pissed-off SS. Me. Got it?"

"Jawohl, Mei- Ja."

"Now, get to it."

They marched into the city, and the deck-guns on the U-boats pounded the city.

Revenant considered the Nazi German troops. Sure, they were still shaking off the old-school ways, but he needed them nonetheless. He turned to Tramis.

"Get three of your CLAs in there. If any of these Brownshirts start butchering civilians, remove them."

"Yes sir."

He groaned. This 'sir' business got annoying fast...he hefted his AK-47 and started towards the small landing party that was already setting up a small base.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005



Just then one of the small pod shaped creatures was flung into the air. Farsight had inverted gravity around the creature, and it was now flying towards Rena. Rena had a throwing knife ready and hurled it at the pod with her mad ninja skills. They had returned to D.C. in order to test and refine Farsight’s new “Pod creature bane spell”, the name was still a work in progress.

“You guys ready yet?” Farsight asked. Mireill and Jolene where still setting up all kinds of monitoring equipment, both arcane and technological.

“Almost finished. You just keep those things away.” Jolene said.

“Pull!” This time it was Rena who had launched one of the larger creatures. Only she used a gust of wind and not a gravity shift to do so.

In less that a second the flying creature was consumed in flame and before you could say “Hey look out your on fire!” the creature had been complete incinerated.

“Were finished here. You can use your new spell on the next one,” Mireill was connecting her self to some of the gear as she was talking. Mireill was back in her original body, its extra sensing and connection equipment was needed here.

“Here goes,” Farsight was focusing. This spell was untested and probably incomplete. They wouldn’t be able to finish it until Keain came back with a few research materials from Farsight’s and Jolene’s personal libraries. This was just to check their progress.

This time on of the creatures flung it self unassisted towards the group, and it even brought friends. Farsight targeted the middle of group and let lose the spell. The small pods popped instantly. The larger creature were clearly damaged and slowed down considerably, but they were still moving. Not bad for a first test. Rena finished off the almost helpless creature with her pole arm type weapon. She used pole arms a lot, they were her preferred weapon. She impaled the creature then with a flick of her wrist burned it in holy light. After a few more test they started packing.

“Next time we do this I call defense duty!” Mireill said.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I was up top on the Watergate hotel when i saw the convoy truck returning some what worse for ware. I let it go unmolested. I had complete faith that the Teams knew exactly what they were doing. And if not, i would chew them out later for it. Besides, i was too tired to move at the moment. I was busy sparing with one of the Get of Fenris, the warriors of the tribes. It was fun, but i could use a rest.

I stood up and stretched, thinking. A sharp pain in my side forced me down. Reluctantly, i pulled out the bottle Parsival had given me. Inside was a potion he had developed to heal someone instantly. i didn't want to drink it because i believed that our bodies should heal naturally and because it tasted like burnt shit. But i didn't really have a choice at the moment.

As i poured the last of the fluid down my throat, i closed my robe. Being in a resonably safe location, i decided to slip out of my armor for the moment and enjoy fresh air on my body. I turned and began to go inside. I stopped when i heard a faint sound. I listened, carfully. i moved my hand to the plasma pistol i had hidden in my robe.

Something was out there.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Revenant and Tramis landed somewhere by the British town of Southend-on-sea. They looked around. There was nothing here, except trees, and the city itself in the distance.

Revenant turned to Tramis. "So did you have a plan cooked up for taking it? Not that I don't, I just want your opinion."

Tramis looked it over. "I think the best call would be to send in some covert ops, and use the majority of our forces to hit more to the north - cause a big bang, and draw NATO's ships away from the US."

"You're talking long-range plans. I'm talking about the here and now."

"With all due respect, sir, what is your plan, then?"

"My plan? I'm gonna do something something on the order of...this."

He pulled out a small radio, and said, "Send 'em in."

A pair of World-War-2 submarines surfaced a half-mile or so away from the coastline, and fired a spread of twelve torpedoes towards the coastline. Rather than hit something and/or explode, however, the water behind them turned bright red when they were a few hundred feet away, and they lifted clear of the water, landing on the beach. The fronts opened, and three Germans crawled out of each. The thirty-six men stood in ranks, held their STG.44 assault-rifles at attention, and gave the classic "heil hitler" salute.

Revenant turned towards Tramis. "Dammit, I thought I impressed on you that they weren't supposed to be up to this shit anymore."

Friday, May 6, 2005


"They're leaving," Buck called as the two men climbed onto their spacecraft and took off. "Holy Shit!"

Buck grabbed onto the top of the truck as a huge shock wave, followed closely by a sonic boom, roared down the street. Windows shattered, car alarms went off, whole cars flipped. White Fang fell forward over the dash board as he clutched his ears. The ear drums had shattered from the loud bang. Kiche came over to help but was stopped when another wave of the Flood atacked. She was forced to leave White Fang huddled over the seats while she went out to help Buck.

The flood was easy to take care of. For the most part, shooting them was quite effective. Up until the garou Flood showed up. They were seemingl unstoppable. Buck unloaded both chainguns into one and it still came, though it was missing several parts of its anatimy. Buck had to drop the chain guns and go hand to hand. That was only effective at holding them off, not killing them.

All seemed lost until a stream of chemical fire engulfed a swarm of Garou Flood. As they fell, Lip Lip could be seen behind them holding a flame thrower. Soon, the grizzly was heard and several flood shattered uner the impact. Spitz was also there, hacking away with his new poles. Lip Lip tossed Buck a set of the Jaberwocky Gloves and he put them on. Within an hour, the whole mass was under control enough for the teams to make a speedy yet honorable get away in the truck.

"We need to get White Fang back to Beauty Smith so he can heal his ears," Kiche said.

"Right" Lip Lip said. "We'll go out and see if anybody survived the flood. Any idea how there got to be so many?"

"There are two cemetaries nearby. pretty big ones, too," Kiche said. "Maybe the flood got a hold of the dead bodies."

That makes sence."

Here, Alpha Team jumped off the truck as Buck drove it back to Rossevelt Island.

Monday, April 18, 2005


So there we were, being attacked by untold numbers of pod things and thing that just won’t die, armed with nothing more than two vibro-knives and an untested combat body for everyone’s favorite hyper robot girl, and doing quite well for our selves. Mireill was now having a blast with a sonic energy cannon. It blasted the smaller pods into itty bitty bits while knocking the bigger creatures back a long ways.

“How much longer till they get my battle suit ready?” I said while quartering one of the larger creatures. It was still alive but a single arm or leg really couldn’t do much other that wiggly at me, evilly.

“Should be here about . . . now,” Mireill said just as a battle taxi landed near by.

The battle taxi designed to transport a squad or more of armored battle suit infantry from orbit to the surface or another space craft. I ran to the shuttle and started to get ready to put on my custom Kage battle armor.

“Sir, before you head out I think you should take a look at this,” The pilot called out.

“What is it?” I said as a walked up to the pilot.

“Recon shot we took on approach. There are a lot of weird “things” headed here from all over the city. I recommend that we get out here and continue this mission at a later time,”

“Hey Mireill stop playing around and get in here! Time to go!” A good commander knows when to listen to those he commands. “Lets to another fly over of the city before we get back to orbit,”

"Fine. . . But there is one last thing I want to try out first," Mireill was hanging out of the door as we took off, pointing her gun arm towards the ground.

The cannon in her arm started to extend to about twice its original length. Energy was charging various power banks located in her O.W-E emitter and in the cannon arm it self. Then a concentrated burst of compress air shot out of her arm and slammed into the street below. You could clearly a shock wave break glass and flip cars up to three blocks away. Just after the shock wave there was a huge sound that could be compared to a massive sonic boom. Finally all the car alarms within a one mile radius went off.

“Boom,” Mireill said with a smirk.

We arrived back on the Anamnesis just after the salvage team got back. So it was time for another command meeting. It was just one of those days.

“You raised the ship in 2 halves! That’s great!” Mireill was bursting with laughter.

“Yeah and you can basically write off San Francisco. There’s more of those weird creatures there, along with a lot of looting by soldiers, and general chaos. We even saw a public transport light rail modified into a mobile weapons platform,” Rena was appalled by the chaos there. “D.C. was taken care of in a more humane way, well before those strange thing appeared. We really need to give them a name. S.F. is going to have pockets of resistance of a long time,”

“Farsight, Jolene, I want you two too create a bane spell that destroy those things. Then find out a way to cast it over the entire planet,” I didn’t care what they were. I just wanted them gone. “Mireill, you keep working with Remus and the rest of the engineering staff. I want you to master that body by the time I come back,”

Remus Voltaire, or “Vol”, was the head of engineering R&D and equipment repair and modification.

“And you’ll be going where?” Rena asked.

“Home, I have something I need to pick up,” It was time to take the bracelet out of its shrine again.

Thursday, April 7, 2005


Justin's forces spent the rest of the day using the newly captured BART station to ride up and down eastern SFO, blasting the living shit out of everything in sight. They had modified a train for some armor, machine-guns, even a tank gun on the front car. There were also a few flamethrowers and rocket launchers.

He looked over one of the far hills. There was a large message in fuzed glass..."CONGRATS REVENANT"

He swore. "Very very subtle, Kavik. Nice."

Revenant went down SFO. Nearly every pocket of the city was taken by now; and they had two new regiments on their hands - the First Flood Very-Irregulars, and the First Undead Creepily-Regulars. They were currently the ones that were going around clearing the city for the next stage.

He went to Tramis. "Okay, raising the cemetaries was a stroke of genius, I'll give you that, but would the Flood and undead still be under your control if you were to leave the city?"

He thought a few seconds, which was a tribute to just how much he was making sure of it. Liches are generally geniuses to begin with, it takes a good deal of brainpower to master their brand of magic. That combined with his cyborg enhancements gives him an IQ of roughly 21,395.34. Him thinking hard for a few seconds is the equivalent of Albert Einstein committing himself to several weeks of intense research.

"Yes, I'm fairly certain. I've set up several necro-beacons - my design - that will allow me to maintain control over any undead or flood within a 1.32-mile radius of the city. I can't take control over any others, but I can leave two of the remaining liches to control any rogue ones that show up, and key their necromantic energies to the beacons, transferring control of them to me."

"Good. Speaking of which, how many liches are left after that stunt in orbit?"

"Thirty went, and five returned. One-hundred and twenty of them stayed on Earth and are fine. Of the twenty-five that never came back, I wouldn't worry too much. Deep space isn't enough to kill a lich, you need pure and undiluted holy magic for that. But sooner or later their bodies will collide with some chunk of space debris, and will cease to function. Even that will merely release their essences to return here; everywhere else is too boring. All will find and inhabit another suitable corpse, and will either strike out on their own, or return to recieve another cyborg enhancement and return to your control."

"Should I be worried? Will many strike out?"

"No, I think not. These cyborg enhancements mean power, and if there's one thing that a lich can't resist, it's power. Even if that power enslaves them. Even I would willingly return to the fold, were my body destroyed."

I knew he meant it - his programming prevented him from lying...to me, at least.

"Get me whoever's next down from you and me around here, and tell them to move our forces northwards, towards Seattle. Only the Flood and the undead will remain, along with two of the CLAs."

"And us, my liege?"

"We're headed to Europe, you and I. It's time to open up that second front."

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


“What’s the status on the second ship?” Rena asked.

Her team had already patched up the ship Keain sunk and it was on its way to the surface. The ship Rena sank broke into two parts and was proving quite difficult to repair.

“Well we don’t know how to put the two parts of the ships back together again, but were ready to go,” Farsight responded from salvage tug.

“If you don’t how to put the boat back together how can you be ready to go?”

“Were going to raise the ship up in two parts. Let these guys put their boat back together,”

That was Farsight for you. Wizards can think up some really strange things sometimes, well it’s really most of the time with Far.

“Well at any rate were almost done here so let get out of here. We don’t know if the chaos up there might come down here,” Jolene said.

“Alright then let’s get back into orbit before we get all pruney,” Rena said...

Just after the raised the last part of the ship everyone got back onto the salvage ship, move back into the ocean, and then launched into orbit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Spitz held one of the poles in his hand, admiring the work. One Eye had the grizzly on his back and held a battle rifle. It fired three round at a time and had a decent scope. Not that it matters. Lip Lip carried the proto-type plasma shotgun. He had a regular one as back up. This was the plasma shotgun's first feild test. Something might go wrong. Not likly, with the amount of skill Gabriel has at this, but still. You never know.

Lip Lip stopped when he heard a squishing noise.

"Weapons up!"

The Team complied. Soon, a huge amount of Flood came bursting out of everylikely and unlikey place. Spitz smiled as he brought one of the poles down on an attack form before slicing it in two with the other. He liked the new weapons.

"You son of a bitch!"

I had set up a sattelite so that i could watch Justin's progress in SF. I was watching him as he seemed to order a couple attack forms around. He had managed to control the Flood. I didn't know how he had managed it, but all the more power to him. I would have to congradulate him some how. Then it hit me. I radioed a message up to an orbiting covenant battleship and gave them some orders. I returned my attention to the screen and watched as a giant lazer burned the words "Congrats Revenant" in a nearby hill.

"I gotta lern how he does it."

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Justin and Tramis went into the BART station. It was very quiet.

"Dammit, man, I thought you said you needed assistance. I don't see anyone but our own forces."

The Soviet soldier scratched his head. "The place was crawling when I came out."

Suddenly three of the Flood came out with M16s. The lack of enemies was suddenly explained. They began firing in all directions, not really seeming to give a shit what they hit.

Justin was about to tell his men to show them how it was done, when suddenly the attack forms stopped shooting, and stood at attention. Justin had seen some of Joseph's video recordings on the Flood, and this was an extremely un-Floodlike thing to do. He hadn't even ever seen one able to stand up straight, let alone at attention.

Tramis nodded. "Three new recruits."

"How...how did you..."

"Those things, the Flood you call them, are infected corpses."

He needed to say no more. Tramis, as a lich, could control the dead at will - even if they had a bunch of that damn plague in them. His own control countermanded the Flood's influence on the corpse.

"Did I mention it's good to have you back?"

Justin grabbed one of the men with a radio on his back. He dialed up the carrier. "I need a satellite uplink. I need to know what NATO is doing."

"Sir, the recon satellites say they've launched a fairly small force. They are sending one, maybe two paratrooper flights of the French Foreign Legion, and Britain is sending a small fleet. Germany has sent some large cargo ships with trucks on-board, but not enough to particularly do anything."

Justin raised his eyebrows. "That slightly screws my plans, I was expecting a bit bigger force." But it wasn't all that surprising; the US was one of, if not the most hated country in the world.

"Their loss; once America falls, Europe and NATO will be riding shotgun. Get me a line to Erwin Drachengeist; his men have been denied their jihad long enough."

Friday, March 18, 2005


Buck was ripping into the Flood with his chainguns. They were obliterated under the hail of gun fire. White Fang had nearly run out of ammo for the magnums. all he had left were the silver rounds. He had to save those. So instead, he was useing the shotgun he had brought. When it was empty, he loaded it up and was ready to fire again in milliseconds. Kiche stood near the back of the truck, keeping the Flood away from the subjects. Her laptop gun was surprisingly effective against the swarm. But she was running out of ammo and the parasite just would not stop coming.

"They must have infected every person in the city," Buck shouted.

"That can't be," Kiche shouted back. "They haven't even been here for a day, yet. It would take them weeks, even months to infect a city this size."

"Then how do you explain this?" Buck asked. "All of this couldn't have gotten here without our detection. Besides, when was the last time you saw a person here?"

"Would you two shut up!" White Fang shouted. "My head hurts enough with all this gun fire. I don't need your arguing right now."

The attack remained constant for another half hour. Then Buck saw a shuttle of some sort come out of the sky, land and leave. He tryed to scan the area it landed in but couldn't see through the buildings like One Eye could.

"Did you see that shuttle land?" he shouted.

"I heard it," White fang said. "We should go see who that is."

Kiche jumped into the back of the truck, still fireing but with a plasma rifle instead. Buck, who was still on the truck, continued fireing. White Fang threw the shotgun into the passanger seat, jumped behind the wheel and started the engine. Then he slammed his foot on the petal and the truck headed off in the direction of the shuttle.

I sat on a crate on Roosevelt island. I had the plasma shotgun in my hand and was looking towards the city. My radio came to life and i heard the voice of Beauty Smith.

"Where is that Beta team with my subjects? I had this lab set up an hour ago."

"They're still out trying to find people," i said. "And they're not answering their radio."

"Well, i hope they hurry up."

I turned my radio off as Gabriel came walking up to me. he had with him two four-foot long poles.

"Have you finished Spitz's new weapon?" i asked.

"Yes sir."

"Well, what have you got?"

He held up the two poles. "These are made of Bronze X. Though it is a diffrent type of Bronze X that makes them lighter so wielding them is easy. That is also why these are a silvery color and not bronze. Inside the ends are blades. One in each. Each blade is about a foot long. These are made of the old Bronze X. These blades shoot out and shoot back in. They click together," he demenstrated this, "And can become an eight foot long shaft."

"How are they carried?"

Gabriel held up a harness. "They are carried in this on the back. They can be pull out and put back with little effort."

I nodded my aprroval. "And why would these prevent Spitz from useing the Jabberwocky?" i asked.

"Please, why would he use that when he has these to uses." i had to admit that fact. "I'd make you one, sir, but it takes a great deal of skill to use these. I on't mean to be subordinate, but frankly, i don't think you have that skill."

i smiled. "Probably right."

I complimeanted Gabriel and sent him back to his work. A Uktena came up to me and told me some good news.

"We have healed Alpha Team back to full copasity. They can be sent back out to the field any time."

"Good," i said. "Get the poles to Spitz and make sure One Eye has plenty of Grizzly ammo. Send them out to back up Beta Team. We musn't keep Beauty waiting."

"Yes, sir."

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


When Farsight and I arrived at maintenance bay 3, sure enough, Rena and Jolene had beaten us there. They were already talking to the engineers while Mireill was bouncing around the bay.

“So what’s up people?” I asked the group of happy people.

“They finished it! Wee!” Mireill exclaimed then continued to bounce around the room.

“Is it a bunch of pies?” Farsight asked.

“No, its Mireill’s new combat body,” Jolene answered.

“Better that a bunch of pies if you ask me,” Rena said.

“Yes, its nice peace of work if. The best we have ever done,” One of the engineers bragged.

“What’s the main difference from the body she has now?” I asked while I went over to look at new unit.

“Well, there are many new features. This unit replaces her organic energy reactor with a new omni-wave energy emitter. The O.W.E.E. is capable is generating any known form of energy and shooting it out of a variable geometry cannon that extends from a hidden location from her right arm. It’s faster and stronger that the one Mireill uses now. Makes her look taller too. The biggest break through that this frame incorporates comes from the ability to generate a form of energy similar to the energy Farsight emits when he uses a teleport type spell. We have found a way to store non-organic items in a kind of artificial dimension. Thus allowing her to carry a huge about of fire power at all times,” The engineering team beamed with pride at their work.

“So she could store a Mech?” I asked.

“No not items of that size, more like various heave support weapons, and extra supplies,” the engineers responded.

“And there has to be a down side to this body?” Farsight said. “There is no way you could fit all that in with only removing the O.E.R,”

“Yeah, while her sensor package remains the same, Mireill would not be able to remotely control at many drone fighters or mech. She could only control about a fourth of what she could do before." The senior engineer said.

“So she won’t be controlling every fighter on board the Calypso but enough for her own little strike team?” Rena said.

“That’s the gist of it. Mireill were ready to swap you over any time. After the first swap you should be able to change bodies when ever you want,” with that the engineering team went to their stations.

“Ok you three head over to the bay. I’ll take Mireill to D.C. so she can play with her new body. Have fun,” and they would while I would be stuck in meetings and the like.

“Roger, right this way ladies. Your ship awaits,” Farsight said with a bow and then they left on they way to San Francisco.

“Is every one ready?” The lead engineer said.

Mireill touched the area just behind her ears. Her ears then opened outwards and two control blades emerged. Her ears then closed making the new objects look like two large earrings. Each control blade had many different inputs and outputs. She can interface with a few systems when they're tucked away, but taking the blades out let her do a lot more. She then sat in a specially designed chair and plugged her self in.

“All ready over here,” she said with a smile.

“We are go for consciousness transfer. Transferring in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now!” at now everyone started typing and hitting various buttons and the like.

Mireill had to prepare the architecture in her new “Mind” before fully taking control. After that she would be able to just plug in and switch.

Just then the eyes on the new combat body came to life. It stood up looked around then almost tripped.

“Oops, guess I’ll have to get use to having longer legs,” Mireill joked.

“And remember you can’t eat in that body so your going to have to recharge the old fashion way,” a young member of the team said. “I think you’ll be able to figure out how to use all the new toys by your self. We took the pleasure of filling you advance weapon storage matrix,”

“That’s that artificial space thingy right?” Mireill asked.

“That be it, I think you’ll like what you find in their,” the junior engineer said.

“Alright let’s get surface side Mireill. I don’t thing we’ll won't need the heavy stuff, but we might find something you can play with.” I said.

“Ok, well at least I get to leave the ship this time,” Mireill had switched from supper happy fun mode back to normal intelligent person mode.

It was a quick shuttle ride down to D.C. Totally uneventful.

“So where do we go from here?” Mireill asked.

“Well I thought we would have some kind of welcome party, but no ones here. Got anything on the bio sensors?” I really should have planed this farther ahead. Hindsight it’s always 20/20.

“Whoa giant bio mass coming this way and fast and I don’t think it’s the welcome wagon. Guess I get to try out some of these fun toys after all,” Mireill said with a slight smile.

“Great and me with only light weapons. . .” I was only carrying a needler pistol, a pulse laser pistol, each with only one extra reload, and two vibro-dagger one slightly longer that the other. “Ok call the base. Tell them to get my battle armor ready for combat drop. Now let’s get ready for some fun,”

I readied my two pistols. The pulse laser would make easy work out of anything with out some kind hardened armor. So shooting tanks would be out of the question, but anything else was fair game. The needler was an interesting little gun. It used a gas charge to shred off splinters of ballistic polymer. It fills the area in front of the gun with lots of little plastic needles. Won't do jack against any kind of armor but it rips through flesh. Both weapons have no recoil which makes them easy to use.

“Here they come. Heading that way general direction,” Mireill said pointing in that general direction.

Just then a bunch on little pod things rounded the corner. They jumped in the air with the greatest of easy towards Mireill and me.

“What in the worlds are those things?!?!” I said as I unleashed a storm of plastic needles onto the coming swarm.

The fletchettes ripped through the strange little creatures popping them on impact. That one blast took out a big chunk out of the coming mass.

“Ok where’s the on button on this gun?” Mireill still hadn’t figured out how to use the new weapons built into her body. “Got something here. Now let’s see what this does.”

Just then Mireill shoulders slid open. In side there was a micro missile launcher. About 40 small projectiles launched out of her arms hitting the mass of weird things from every direction. She killed 5 times as many as I did, but then again my shots didn't explode, and I wasn't a super combat robot thing.

“That was cool.” I said in amazement. I would have to remember to give those engineers a raise latter. “Ok now here comes a bigger one.”

Now a new creature appeared. It was larger that an average person and it had a humanoid form. I shot another burst from the needler ripped out a huge chunk of flesh out of the things left arm, but it still kept coming.

“This could be bad. . .” I said as a pulled out my pulse laser pistol and burned a hole through where I thought its heart would be.

“It’s still moving. Now let’s see what this does,” Mireill said.

She reached her right arm towards the figure with the bum left arm and the hole through it chest. Her eyes glowed with a brilliant white while a medium size beam cannon extended out from her arm. A beam of light totally destroyed the creature’s upper torso.

“I like that one,” Mireill smiled as the beam cannon retracted back into her arm.

“Um . . . it’s still coming,” what was left of the things lower body was still walking towards us. “Ok this could be bad. My laser is drained and the needler is almost empty,” I had put the laser back in its holster and pulled out one of the daggers strapped to my legs.
“Well I guess this mission won’t be as boring as I thought,”

Thursday, March 3, 2005


I watched the sun as it sank into the horizon. Night followed as it always did, chasing the sun to its bed. I let out a sigh as night settled around me as i stood on the lush grass of Roosevelt island.

Dramatic, ain't it.

I sent for Beta Team. They came at once.

"Here's the deal," i said. "I have Beauty Smith here as you know and he needs healthy people to work his magic on. I need Delta Team here for security and Alpha Team is down. That leaves you. Go out and find the healthiest people you can." As they began to move out, i gave one last order. "Make sure you don't just take them. It is their choice to come or not."

I watched them board a large convoy truck and head off to the city. I turned and saw Gabriel coming up to me.

"Have you developed a way to administer the Jabberwocky safly?"

"Yes, sir." He pulled up his sleaves to reveal small devices on the back of his hands. "These slide on like gloves and contain small samples of the jabberwocky in a liquid form." he formed a fist and pushed a small button. a small blade of some sort shot out of the device. "You hit the Flood with this and inject a small amount of the poison into the creature. The small capsole popes out here," he pointed to the back of one, "and the next one is ready to go."

"How much of the poison is injected?" i asked, inspecting the devices.

"Enough to get the job done."

"Good. Get to work and make a set for each team member."

"Done." He reached into his jacket and pulled out eight sets and handed a set to me. "Best to shoot them before they get close enough to use this, though."

This isn't enough," i said. "You need one more."

He smiled. "I'm working on something better for Spitz. It's almost done and these would get in the way of them."

"What is it?" i asked.

He just smiled and walked away. I probably should be more strict with them, but i was never the intimidating type.

The convoy truck pounded down Pennsylvania ave. The tires were covered with the guts of Flood. The back of the truck had two people in it. These people would go through the Health test and if they made it, they would talk to Beauty Smith and find out what is going on. Smith likes his subjects to be willing. He interviews each canidate and explains what will happen. The fact that he will become immortal and increbibly powerful, at the cost of their memories, family, way of life and to some extent, free will. They are also told that they will most likely not surive the prossess. Those who want to risk it have their minds wiped of everything except the meeting and are then preped for surgury. If they survive, good. if not...

White Fang pulled the truck to a stop. He shut off the engine and listened. They were near the White House where Alpha Team had their run in with the Garou Flood. The ground was still smoldering with its ashes where it fell. White Fang shut his eyes and listened. The rest of the team knew not to speak. Breathing alone was enough trouble. But Kiche read his mind to see what he was up to. Past the muttering of the two people in back, White Fang could hear the squish and rustle of Flood. Kiche unfolded her laptop and Buck locked his guns to his arms. White Fang ran his hands over his magnums. They leapted from the truck and landed to see hundreds of Flood advance on them.

"Well, Shit," they all said at once.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Soon after the Anamnesis had obtained a stable geosynchronous orbit on the dark side of the moon, its massive Grav Decks started to spin up. This ship had two circular rings 2 kilometers in diameter that could create a centripetal force that equaled standard earth gravity. Near by the Calypso turned off its mimetic armor and was preparing to dock with the Anamnesis in order to resupply.

“All stations report green. Docking is successful. Supply operation will begin shortly,” a crew person reported. “But maintenance bay 3 requests Mireill’s presence. They say they have a surprise for her.”

“Oh! I wonder what they got me?” and with that Mireill was floating off towards the engineering sector.

“Ok . . . I guess we’ll start with out her,” I said. “Right now we have two things we need to do. First make good on our promise and raise the two ships we sunk in SF. Second we need to meet up with Kavik and learn more about his operations.”

“So one underwater salvage operation and one diplomatic thingy,” Farsight said. “You know me with diplomacy so I guess I’m on salvage duty.”

“You’ll need me to pilot the salvage tugs and do underwater repair,” Rena said.

“And you’ll need me to coordinate everything,” Jolene added.

“Alright you three take an aquamech, a few squads of undine battle armor, and anything else you think you’ll need. I’ll take Mireill with me to DC,” I hate getting the boring jobs.

The aquamech is an underwater industrial mech. Its normal function is underwater repair work. The Undine battle armor was also designed for underwater operations, but it was designed for military applications. Though with a tad modification they make great underwater welders.

“Now all I need to do is find up what Mireill is up too. . .” I really had no idea why she needed to go to maintenance bay 3, but just then my radio came to life.

“Wai! You guys have to come see this!” It was Mireill and she seems really, really happy.

“Ok I’ll be there in a minute. Ok you three gather your people and gear and be ready to head out in two hours, but first lets go see why Mireill is so happy,” It didn’t take a lot to make her happy, but it had to be something big to make her this happy.

“I bet they made her a bunch of pies again. I here some of those guys are becoming pretty good cooks,” Farsight said.

“I’ll meet you there. I’ll start getting the gear,” Rena said as she went off towards to one of the dropships connected to the Anamnesis.

“And I’ll start picking up the crew” Jolene said and then went off to follow Rena.

“You know the sad thing is, those two will probably beat us there,” I said.

“Yeah I know what you mean,” Far said jokingly.


"I still don't understand why you continue to use this totem," Beauty Smith said. "I made you that Umbral jet pack. its much faster."

"I prefer him," i said, patting Falcon on the neck. "But there is much to discuss."

"Of course there is."

And for the rest of the journy i filled him in on the situation. The Flood. The injured Alpha Team. The meeting with Keain. Everything.

"So you want me to get to work on another team?"

"Yes." We reached the reflecting pool and entered the material plane. "As soon as possible."

"That will take time," Beauty said. "You know i need to find healthy subjects."

"Yes, I do."

"Plus it could be years before they are ready."

"Now you're just exagerating."

"Maybe so," the spirit said. "But it still is no overnight task."

"Please do what you can," i encouraged.

Black Wolf was waiting. He had delivered the gas to Gabriel, hoping to have some way to safly dispence the gas (Which Parsival named Jabberwocky of all things) by night fall, which was a couple hours away.

Gabriel was the weapons designer of the Teams. He created the laptop gun, the Grizzly and many of the weapons used by the Covenant. His latest would be the Plasma Shotgun. The blast is similar to that of a plasma pistol, except the user doesn't need to wait for the gun to charge. To make a plasma ball of that magnitude, a great deal of energy is needed to be displaced at one. That's why each shot fired runs off of a one time use battery similar in shape to that of a shotgun shell. The plasma shotgun is similarin shape ad is loaded and fired the same way. The advantages of this gun over its human counter part are that it can hold fifteen battery shells to the human's twelve shells. Plus the plasma ball will track.

Beauty Smith and I came out the Umbra behind Black Wolf. He turned around, surprised and saw me standing with a short, stout man in a yellow robe. Black Wolf recognized his creator and bent down in a low bow.

"Now none of that, my child," Beauty said. "I must get to work."

Beauty walked off in a random direction. No doubt he would have a lab set up in a matter of minutes. I turned my attention to Black Wolf.

"Anything to report?" i asked.

"Parsival has finished his task and Gabriel is starting on his. Beta Team has rested and is ready for their next mission. Alpha Team is still down."

My eyes fell on the plasma shotgun. Black Wolf handed it over and I inspected it. It was nice. I fired and pumped in a fresh battery. I nodded my approval. I slung it over my shoulders and took the box of battery shells offered by Black Wolf.

"Get Beta Team ready for combat," i said. "Make sure they are armed with silver and send them into the city with several teams of Elites, Grunts and Jackals. There mission, the eradication of the Flood."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Justin and the troops ground-guided the tanks southeast towards the BART station. Several MiGs screamed overhead, and the masses of air firepower quickly overmatched the well-trained but sadly outnumbered F-14 pilots. The ground troops made good time to the BART station, ripping apart the Flood wherever they were found.

When they reached the station, they checked it out. From the looks of things, the American Marines had managed to keep the Flood out of here. They spotted several .30-caliber machine guns mounted in the windows.

The tanks fired a volley into the door. The entry buckled in with almost no resistance, as an M1 tank rolled around a corner. The massed T-72 fire ripped the turret off, and the surviving crew leapt out the gaping hole in the top of their vehicle to run for their lives.

The men made their way inside, as a large Covenant dropship hovered overhead. Tramis, four liches, several more Elites, and a pair of Hunters dropped down.

"Tramis. Well?"

"We have an uneasy truce with Keain, the commander of those machines. Apparently, Taleniekov fired on him first."

More docked pay. "And Kavik?"

"As you can see, I've got us more reinforcements. He's tightening his grip on D.C."

"Ok. Get these Covenant back in the ship. The last batch brought the Flood with 'em, I want these guys thoroughly checked out before we do anything else."

A major came out of the BART station, amid gunfire.

"Sir, we've made a bit of headway. We need more assistance."

"Tramis, you heard the man."

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Alpha Team was out of commision, Beta Team was tired and Dleta Team was too inexperianced in the field to combat the Flood. Great. I had a thought about what to do next. I left the group of Jackals and Grunts around me and went over to a Theurge Uktena. Theurges are a breed of Garou deeply conected to the Umbra.

"How's Alpha Team?" I asked.

"They're fine. Spitz and One Eye just have to keep off their feet for a while. Lip Lip is still in peak condition."

I nodded. I called a Black Wolf over.

"I need you to keep watch over this island while I'm gone."

"Yes, Sir." Black Wolf was always good at not prying but i could tell he wanted to ask.

"Go ahead."

"Where are you going, Sir?"

"I need to speak with the maker of the Teams. I think it's about time we add another to our little family."


Falcon's wings beat tirelessly. He flew to my main base and i got off. I had him wait out side while I went in to speak to my Garou. I pulled over a Glass Walker with a limp. The fight for Gaia left many injuries that not even the Garou can fully heal from.

"I need to speak with him," i said.


"Beauty Smith."

"Oh." The Garou's voice began to waver. "I will summon him right away, sir."

He limped off. I waited. Telling the passage of time is nearly immposible in the Umbra. So what could have been five minutes later or five hours later, the Glass Walker came limping back with a small ball of light beside him.

"Ah, Kavik," the ball of light said. "What can I do for you today?"

"Come with me," i said. "We must hurry. I shall explain on the way."

I spoke with the utmost respect, for Beauty Smith is powerful spirit.


Black Wolf paced the Island. He wanted to be in the air, scanning the city for mass infections. But the General had wanted him to stay here. So stay he must. His radio began to beep as he got a call. He answered.

"What do you want?" he asked.

The voice had a clear Russian accent. "It is Parsival. I have something that might work on the flood. You should come down here but make sure you have on a radiation suit or breath pack or something. This is some fucky stuff."

Black Wolf hung up. It didn't take long for Parsival to make something. He had only been at it... Black Wolf glanced at his watch... for twelve hours. Not bad, even for a chemical genious such as him. He headed for the underground lab.

With his vast knoladge of chemicals, Parsival has developed some cool stuff. He invented the VX and many medicines. To help his work, he has advanced smell and an immunity system that can fight off anything. Not even HIV can get him. He can also secrete an oil from his skin that he can ignight with a snap of his finger. His skin is made of Asbestos to keep him alive after doing so.

Black Wolf came in in a full body suit.

"Don't breathe this," Parsival said, holding up a small vile of dark green gas. "This will turn the liquid in your lungs to acid. Should work on the flood the same way only on a much larger scale."

"Is there a cure?"

"You mean if you drop one at your feet? Don't do that. You'd be dead before you realized you had an accident." He placed the vile down and went back to his station. "Fortunatly, it is a slow moving gas, you might be able to get away if you do have an accident."

"Why do you want me to have this suit on if the gas isn't out?" Black Wolf asked, moving to take the helmet off.

Parsival smiled. "I am useing VX as an air freshoner. You might not care for it."

Black Wolf shuddered as he left.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Justin gunned down an Attack-form, then grimaced as it spurted green fluid. He motioned his troops to go around and got his radio out.

"Taleniekov! You still in range?"

"No, he isn't, sir. I am, though. Major Vikarov standing by with three Kiev-class aircraft carriers."

"Didn't I call for paratrooper support from you guys?"

"Not that I was notified of, sir."

Justin swore. Taleniekov was about to get docked some pay. "Well, send some. And get me some MiGs in the air."

"Yes, sir."

He blasted a carrier form, and his men ripped the resulting "squids" to pieces with automatic-rifle fire. He threw more shells into the gun, and noticed he was nearly out.

"Shit, where in hell did all these flood come from in the first place?"

There was no way they could have gotten here without something to carry them. Nothing had been here that had ever been in contact with the Flood at all with the possible exception of..."Oh shit."

He got the radio out, and called up the base. "Kiralnik! You there?"

"Yes sir. There's some green things..."

"Yeah, I know. Shoot 'em. Where's the Elites?"

"On guard duty near the half-builts, sir."

"Find them and tear them into tiny pieces."


"Do it!"

Justin continued east, blasting the Flood as he went. An F-14 tomcat roared overhead, reminding them that the Flood was not the only foe.

A long white vapor-trail split off from the jet, and Justin swore as he realized the Tomahawk missile was headed for the base. The ground shook, and Justin swore again as the 1,000-lb warhead spoke its piece.

They continued, and reached the smashed Bay-Bridge. Two infection-forms were waving their short stubby tentacles at the U.S. artillery on the other side. They popped.

Justin looked to his right as a platoon of T-72 tanks appeared around a building. They turned their turrets to fire on the Crusader cannons, and the guns boomed. Two of the opposing artillery units were smashed, and the rest turned to leave.

Justin gauged what he had, and as the paratroopers began dropping over his position, he grinned.

"Let's take those BART stations."

Saturday, February 19, 2005


One Eye reloaded the Grizzly. He aimed and fired. This one took out its neck. The head fell to the ground. It stayed up. Frantically, One Eye began to reload the rifle. The Garou Flood swiped and knocked the gun from his hand. As it swung again, Spitz brought his palms up. A black shield rose and the fist was stopped. But Spitz and One Eye were both knocked down.

“What do we do know?” One Eye asked.

“I suggest a speedy yet honorable retreat.”


As they rose to run, the Garou Flood fired off its claws. They ripped into the two Team members’ legs. They fell again. They rolled over and saw the headless, one-armed Garou Flood come at them. They screamed.

The Specter pulled up as the Phantom I was in landed. I was set down and White Fang came over.

“What’s the word?” I asked.

“We managed to get the message off but had to destroy the former FBI building.” White Fang was reloading his Magnums. “Too many Flood.”

“That’s fine,” I said. I didn’t tell him how useless the message was. He didn’t need to know that. “Is Alpha Team back yet?”

“Not yet sir,” Black Wolf said. “And attempts to contact them have failed.”

“They’re fine,” I said.

“How do you know?”

“Because if they aren’t,” I said, thinking about what would happen if the Flood got a hold of them, “then we’re royally fucked.”

The Garou Flood came at One Eye and Spitz. Their screaming was cut off when a form materialized in front of them. It was Lip Lip. Lip Lip fired a shotgun at the on coming Garou Flood. It was knocked down by the force.

“Those aren’t going to work,” Spitz said as Lip Lip began emptying the shot gun.

When the Garou Flood began to get up again, Lip Lip fired the remaining shell into it. While it struggled to its feet, Lip Lip calmly loaded more bullets into the shot gun. He pumped the first one into the chamber and fired when the Garou Flood was a yard away. It fell forward and slid. Lip Lip jumped over it. He landed and fired the rest of the shells into the Garou Flood. It twitched a couple times and then lay still.

Lip Lip looked at his two companions and smiled.

“Next time carry silver.”

The Phantom swooped in low and picked them up. As he was being lifted, Lip Lip dropped an active plasma grenade onto the body of the Garou Flood. The corpse erupted in a show of blue plasma flames.

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